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Alberta Oil and Gas Mission to Vietnam

Alberta Government        Canada


Ho Chi Minh and Vung Tau City 
November 16-20, 2015


The Government of Alberta’s Ministry of International and Intergovernmental Relations in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) is organizing an oil and gas trade and investment mission to Vietnam with a focus on energy efficiency.

The following cities will be included in the mission:

1) Ho Chi Minh city (November 16 -18, 2015)
2) Vung Tau city  (November 19-20, 2015)
Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your goods, services and solutions and gather first-hand market intelligence and create new business opportunities in Vietnam’s oil and gas sector.

Mission overview:
Participating companies will meet with national and international oil companies, producers, oilfield service companies, engineering procurement and construction (EPC) contractors, operators and relevant organizations in these markets who are trying to strengthen or add services/equipment to their current portfolios.
Companies with expertise in energy efficiency, including:

· Enhanced oil recovery technologies and equipment
· Well services (coil tubing, stimulation, pressure services, etc.)
· Surface facilities
· Processing facilities and equipment
· Training (upstream, midstream and downstream)
· Oil and gas equipment transportation
· Information and Communication Technologies


Planned activities:
1) Group procurement meetings, one-on-one meetings with potential JVs, agents, producers, etc.
2) Briefings to understand Vietnam market place
3) Technical seminars where Alberta companies will have the opportunity to showcase their  technologies with local decision makers
4) Networking events



Self-Represented Litigant is a choice

Self-Represented Litigant: A person (party) who advocates on his or her own behalf before a court, rather than being represented by an attorney. These litigants are also known as pro se or pro per litigants.

Cases with Self-Represented Litigants: Legal cases in which one or more parties is self-represented.

People may be self-represented for many reasons, and for the most part do not choose to be self- represented. SRLs are often particularly vulnerable in terms of a relative lack of education, income and assets. They may be grouped into seven overlapping categories:

  • People with a lack of social resources (low income, low education, low literacy, etc.).
  • Low income SRLs with some social resources (people who cannot afford a lawyer but who have sufficient social resources and education to seek available services).
  • SRLs living with social barriers that interfere with accessing justice (i.e. people living with challenges resulting from physical or mental differences, language and cultural barriers, people living in remote locations, etc.).
  • SRLs who are unable to find a lawyer (usually people who live in small towns or remote areas).
  • SRLs who were previously represented but who are no longer represented (usually in lengthy cases with no permanent resolution).
  • SRLs in cases where representation is said not to be necessary (i.e. small claims, traffic court, etc.).
  • SRLs who could access representation but prefer to self-represent (usually well-educated people who distrust the legal profession). SRLs in this category have been found to be a significant minority of the overall SRL population.

SRL is a choice that we all can make and we can Win!!!


Virtual Summits: Show Off Your Expertise (Even If You’re a Relative Newbie)

There’s a reason why so many top coaches and service providers are hosting virtual summits: they’re the perfect way to showcase your expertise…even if you think you don’t have any.

Seriously, everyone is an expert in something, but if you’re breaking into a new niche, or simply trying to “up level” your brand, then a virtual summit can be the perfect launch pad. Here’s why it works so well.

Invite your dream guests

It’s true what they say about surrounding yourself with greatness. When you associate with coaches and business owners who are just a bit ahead of you in the entrepreneurial game, they will bring you up by association.

Pull off a successful event, and you’ll find your inbox flooded with offers for interviews, speaking engagements, and JV partnerships, and all because you had the courage and forethought to put together a stellar event. So don’t be afraid to approach those “big” names.

Repackage and repurpose

Don’t let your big event fade into the background as soon as it’s over. Instead, turn the recordings into evergreen products that will continue to showcase you as the go-to person in your niche.

Consider bundling the recordings with transcripts and selling them as one-off products. You could also turn the transcripts into Kindle books, or use the audios in a stand-alone training program. If you have a coaching client who struggles with a particular task, share the relevant recording with her, then offer to answer questions after she’s watched it.

The point is, use and re-use this content everywhere you can, and it will continue to help you grow your business for years.

Blow your own horn

Blog guest posting, podcast interviews, and the speaker’s circuit…these are all fantastic ways to leverage a successful summit to show off your expertise. Because you’ve pulled off your virtual event (with a minimum of hitches) and had the backing of some heavy hitters in your niche, you’re in a great position to turn that “fame” into more opportunities.

Make the most out of your hard work by including the information on your:

· About page

· Speaker page

· Press page

· LinkedIn bio

And don’t forget to stay in touch with your speakers, so you can make the most of those connections, too.

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The Missing Element in Your Funnel


Three Rookie Summit Mistakes You’re Probably Making


Three Powerful Tools That Make Hosting a Virtual Summit Easy

Ask any online event organizer or host what her biggest struggle is, and she’ll nearly always say it’s technology.

From not knowing what apps to use to not understanding how they work to fighting to connect them with each other, tech is the one thing that holds most people back from hosting an online event.

Even just a few years ago, this was a legitimate concern. Today, though, you have lots of options for every piece of the puzzle, including video recording, landing page creation, and content delivery.

Google Hangouts Make Recording Easy

You no longer need to invest in expensive systems such as GoToWebinar or Adobe Connect. Now all you need is a Google account and a web cam. With Google Hangouts, you can:

· Share screens and slideshows

· Record your interview

· Invite guests with just an email address (nothing for them to download and install)

· Automatically post to your YouTube channel

The biggest benefit, though, is that it’s free. And you just can’t beat that!

Landing Pages Come Together Quickly With LeadPages

Landing pages—even if you use a CMS system such as WordPress—are a pain to get right. Getting your opt-in box aligned properly and connected to your autoresponder is frustrating. Split testing is nearly impossible. And formatting? Unless you’re a CSS whiz (or you hire one) you’ll likely have trouble.

LeadPages has taken all the work out of landing page creation by providing an ever-growing library of proven, editable templates ideal for any type of event.

Protect Content With Wishlist Member

If you’ll be delivering replays, you don’t want them available to the public. You can protect content with a simple password set up on your site, but for a more professional look and feel, consider upgrading to a membership site. Wishlist is easy to use and configure, and will automatically create protected pages for your summit recordings.

If you’ve procrastinated hosting your own event because you didn’t think you could manage the tech, you can no longer use that excuse. These three tools together make it super easy to create, promote and host a virtual event. So what are you waiting for?

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