DOs and DONTs in networking events



Networking is the process of fishing for new customers or new order within a focused crowd. The effective networking will result into $$$! Yes: we network to make money, not to have fun. Yes: we network to make money, not to know more people. Yes: we network to make money, not to spend time.


The 4 DONTs of effective networking are 

  1. Do not start with your name or business name

Starting with your name and your business will frame you in the audience mind to the basic service of what you do. It will immediately create a barrier between you and the audience.

When you say: “Hi, I am Joe and I am accountant”

It automatically generates a barrier between you and the audience.  In the mindset of the audience, it will be one of these messages

“Oh, one more accountant in the crowd.”

“Oh, another one of them”

“Oh, I hate these guys, they do not do a good job”

All of these messages are toxic to your networking goals


  1. Do not wear the company shirt

Wearing a company shirt frames you within the company image. It would be reflect on the ability of connecting with the crowd. In my own experience, having a shirt of an elite service with extremely high reputation was not a good idea. The message in the head of the audience were

“Another guy from this company that charges premium?”

“I just got a call from this company last week, please not again.”

It automatically position you in a frame that impact the acceptance to your message.


  1. Do not have your logo

Having a logo frames you in what your company do and not how better or effective than your competitors. It is the type of barrier that you do not want. You shall focus of how better is your service or product than others. The message shall be “How do you outstand against others and why you are better. NOT what do you do.


  1. Do not talk about your business

Do say what your business is doing, or the nature of your service. Focus on the values that your provide to the different clients. Focus on why your customer will come to you and how do you stand against the crowd.


The 4 Do’s of effective networking are 

  1. Do ask an engagement question

An engagement question is the best approach to qualify your crowd. You shall be able to adjust your message to your crowd. If you the first question does not qualify the crowd, Ask a second question but there is NO THIRD. If you can not qualify the crowd, think about another question for next time.

  1. Do say a pain-hitting paragraph

A pain-hitting paragraph is a simple statement that characterizes the pain that your business is addressing. Identifying the pain immediately creates a link to the audience and you will get their ears for few minutes. Three – four statements conquer in the audience mind that you know and feel their pain. The audience perceives you are like them, and people like to buy from people like them, who they like.


  1. Do say what is your solution to the pain

After the pain-hitting paragraph pause for a moment, so the audience can digest what said. Then, say HOW you solve the pain, WHY your service is better, and the reasons they should use your service and not others.


  1. Do say how to access your solution

At the end you shall say how the audience can connect to your service, such as access a website. You must leave a contact information with an action so the audience can connect to you. Or simply, say “your name, I will be more than happy to assist you.”


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