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97% of us receive less income than we deserve

96% of service providers charge less than they should

95% of us are leaving behind more money that we can access


Poverty is a choice—Make positive choices to learn how to establish your program


Establishing a program or an offer is the ticket for selling your knowledge, your skills, and your products to make money.

  • Are you an expert?
  • Are you a consultant?
  • Are you a coach?
  • Are you a speaker?
  • Are you an author?


If you do not establish your program and articulate it, your competitors will take advantage of you, limiting your opportunities to make more money, and also become recognized as the authority in your field.


It is ….

Only those who perceived to have a program to offer will get the job; HIRED.

Only those who perceived to have a program to sell products; SELL.

Only those who perceived to have a program to serve; access MORE CLIENTS


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Attendance in this course is limited to those who want to monetize their authority, enabling them to grow their income and become rich.


We highly recommend that participants enter Win Your Authority prior to attending this course. There will be an online version of Win Your Authority made available; contact for further information.


This course will provide a forum to explore, identify, and articulate your program. The platform will only focus on elements of the program that can be monetized, and it will demonstrate how you can grow rich and create a passive income based on your program.


The participants will learn and apply proven techniques to identify, develop, articulate, establish, and monetize their program within their field.

Using a proven method, the participants will learn and apply the BINARY-EXPLORETM technique to explore, identify, and maximize the monetization of their program.

Participants will learn to establish their authority before the end of the course for maximum profit. Each participant will receive a guidebook and tools to identify, develop, articulate, establish, and monetize programs based on their authority.

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  1. Identify your program and establish a monetization strategy for your program.
  2. Identify your ultimate highly paid clients.
  3. Develop tools and personalized techniques to create, articulate, establish, and monetize your program.


In Person (Calgary): 12 hrs (8 hrs instruction, and 4 hrs one-on-one)


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