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Knowledge When Properly Applied

As a Champion, I know that you heard this statement many, many times.  Get ready to learn what Knowledge truly means!  Let’s begin by breaking down this word.

Know:  You must know your business, which means you must know the power of Network Marketing.  You must also know how to prospect and recruit Champions, handle objections and deal with rejection.  Most importantly, you must know in your heart that you can and will achieve your dreams in the industry of Network Marketing.

Listen:  You must listen to those that have walked in your shoes.  For example, a football coach that coaches a NFL team usually has many records under his belt and has proven himself as a Champion in the game of foot ball.  You wouldn’t see a world renowned hockey player coaching a NFL football.  In Network Marketing, you wouldnít take direction from anyone that has not built a group of their own.  There are many so-called coaches out there attempting to coach Network Marketers yet they have NEVER built a group or made any money in the industry.  You must listen and learn from those that have been where you are now and have gone all the way to the top!

Edge:  You must have the edge and live on the edge to truly succeed in your business.  That means you are willing to dedicate yourself to your business and become the best that you can be.  This includes filling your mind with motivational, business building strategies on a daily basis to constantly be one step ahead of others in the industry.  You must also attend events, seminars and boot camps hosted by those that have built a Networking Marketing group.  This will give you the ìedgeî that you need to be more successful than other Networkers or other entrepreneurs.

If you live by these keys, then Knowledge when applied to your business will create Action and rock your future!  Make today the day to truly understand the word Knowledge.

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