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Computer Consulting: 3 Questions To Ask Your Clients

From a customer service perspective, you can ask your computer consulting clients three questions that will explode the growth of your company.

Question Number One:

ìHow Can We Improve the Level of Service That We Provide Your Company?î

Ask your computer consulting clients this question on a regular basis; at least a couple times a year. You will be amazed at the type of suggestions they give you.

They will tell you some things youíll be able to implement without charging them another nickel or penny more because theyíre simple no-brainer kind of things. For example, ìCould you send us an email reminder the day before youíre coming in?î Obviously you donít have to charge for something like that.

Some of the others may say, ìIt would be great if you could guarantee this kind of response timeî or ìIt would be great if you could also take over finding someone who can help us with our PBXs.î

Youíre going to get some ideas, some of which are going to make sense for you, some won’t. Some of them may require a little more legwork and some of them may be great opportunities for additional revenue.

Question Number Two:

ìIs There Anything Else IT-related That Your Company Needs Help With?î

Question Number Three:

ìDo You Know Anyone Else Such as Business Associates, Friends, Family Members in the Greater Area That Could Use Some Help With Their Computer-related Problems?î

Help Your Computer Consulting Clients Help You

Spend a minute or two to tell your computer consulting clients what they should look out for. If they happen to be on the phone with a vendor or supplier or family member and theyíre complaining and moaning that everythingís running slowly or that the LANís down again or emailís not working or the server crashed.

Get your computer consulting clients trained to listen for those clues and let you know that thereís an opportunity out there. If theyíre a long-term client of yours and theyíre happy with you, they should be more than happy to recommend you. All you need to do is ask and train them to be looking for these clues.

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Computer Consultant Startup: Identify Your Business Skills

Computer consultants need to have the right mix of business and technical skills to succeed with small businesses. Do you have the right skill-set to be a successful small business computer consultant?

Since you’re taking the time to read this article right now, it’s a good sign that you have what it takes to become a computer consultant. You’re in the small minority of people who have recognized that this is a business and needs to be run like one.

A Good Computer Consultant Has More Than Just Technical Skills

It’s not about playing with the latest routers or wi-fi device or VPNs or firewalls. Sure, you have to have a certain amount of skills to make a successful computer consultant because people are buying your expertise. At the end of the day, though, it’s a business.

In order for the business to be successful, you have to know a few things about getting revenue in and keeping your expenses down. You also need to forecast and be able to bill, negotiate, and network properly.

There are a lot of stubborn techies out there who think that studying the Windows Server Resource Kit is going to tell them what they need to know about running a business. Not true. It’s going to teach you about registry keys and directories and things like that.

Even a Computer Consultant Needs a Good Resume

If you’re currently self-employed, you may not have an up- to-date resume, but for most people looking to transition into the business to become a computer consultant you probably do have a resume. Take out a copy of your resume and a yellow highlighter marker and go through and highlight every sentence or phrase in your resume that describes a project or a job or a skill that you think would be relevant or marketable to the owner of a small company.

Categorize the Items on Your Resume

Go through it and look for all the phrases and the jobs and the projects that you’ve worked on for the past couple of years and think about what’s going to catch the eye of a typical small business owner or manager. Once you’ve done that, go back through each highlighted item and mark whether it was IT related, whether it had to do with understanding how to run a business or whether it had to do with being able to communicate effectively.

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