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First Film, Games and Mobile Business Network starts in Germany

The International business network gafimo.net

the mobile, film, games network launches today in

germany. Matthias Pieper, 23, CEO of gafimo.net

is on the move to find as many professionals from

the mobile content, film and games-development

branches as possible to bring them together. “It

is clear that these industries have to work

together in the future” Pieper says. He knows,

what he¥s talking about: after years of working

on the games workforce (giga, etc.) he has

studied film production and often finds himself

between the branches. “Those people are working

on the same topics, using similiar software,

storytellingtools, and so on” he says, “but

hardly know each other and therefore can¥t be of

help to one another”. Also Pieper believes that

since the devices of games, mobile and film are

merging (playstations, PCs, etc) there has to be

a business-network to combine these industries.

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