My book is a nonlegal guide and it is not an "il-legal" guide

I am in the process of publishing my new book series “the non-legal guide”.  As directed by my publisher, I started the marketing and pre-selling activities.

Last week, I was asked twice about the contents of the book and “Why do you write about an illegal guide?”  As a shocking question, I want to answer, I wrote this blog to describe what is the book about.

In the dictionary “nonlegal” is an adjective and means that  “not related to, qualified for, or phrased in the manner of the practice of law”  i.e. the guide does provide any legal related guidance.
In the dictionary “illegal”  can be an adjective or a noun.   The former one means either forbidden by law or statute, or  contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc.
While the later (i.e. as noun) means informal.
My book series are to provide an guide to the court process that are not related to a legal matters, or a legal advices.  In my experience, the legal aspect in dealing with court may fall below 5% of the process.  Filling forms, paying fees and other process and procedures are not related to any legal advices or activities.
My book is written to the Self Represent Litigant and provides a comprehensive guidance to all aspects of the court outside the legal advice.  Moreover, it describes how to seek a legal advice efficiently and  at cost effective.   It is a must read for anyone who is trying to use the court.  
The draft of the guide was used by several Self Representative litigants and was able to save them between $8,000  to  $17,000 per court step, although they have a legal representation.
Please let me know what do you think about this book in the comments below.

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