Clutter out, Color in: Make Your Office Work for You

Is your workspace working for you? Research shows that your environment makes an impact on your mood. So it may be time to give your space at the office a makeover to liven up things at work.

“Now you can change your office decor as often as you change the ink in your printer,” says Anna Griffin, designer of the Anna Griffin Inc. line of desk accessories. “A change of color and pattern in your workspace can help to motivate, destress and even improve your disposition.”

The key is to add variety to your area so that you don’t get bored with the same surroundings and decor day after day. Griffin offers the following tips to help you create a pleasing and invigorating work area.

* Clear the clutter. The first step in producing a pleasant cubicle space is to make it clean and organized. This will help you stay focused on your work.

* Accessorize. Disposable desk accessories in fun colors and patterns will add instant pizzazz to your workspace and can be replaced whenever you need a change of ambience.

The “Rose” and “Elsie” collections from Anna Griffin Inc. are fresh, fun and, best of all, affordable. They feature four different patterns in eight coordinating office items, including file sets, magazine and pencil holders, paper, letter bins, journals and photo albums. The Rose Collection is full of rich, vibrant color in Old World floral patterns, while the Elsie Collection is sophisticated and playful, incorporating retro, pastel abstract and floral designs.

* Decorate your workspace to look like home. Because you spend so much time at work, choose a color or style and start decorating. A small area rug can add color and texture to your space, and a favorite lamp or lamp shade can cast just the right light. You can personalize with touches like a decorative basket as an “in box” and fun prints and paintings for the walls. Don’t forget photos of your family, friends and pets. They will bring a smile and help reduce your stress level.

* Just add water. A desktop fountain, fresh flowers or a fishbowl can add ambience and a sense of style and tranquility to your office space.

* Don’t forget the finishing touches. Use a pre-made slipcover to add style and color to that tired old desk chair. Switch out those boring manila folders with decorative patterned ones. They make work fun! Show some individuality with your mouse pad. You can purchase a mouse pad featuring an art masterpiece or cartoon character, depending on your theme and mood. A whimsical clock, fun paperweight or funky plant could be just what you need to make the space more “you.”

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